Why Use Us ?

With over 50 years accumulative experience in buying, selling or renting there are very few obstacles or situations we can’t overcome. We are based locally and focused on helping local people. Not only do all of our staff live within the waterside area but are heavily involved with many local clubs and charities. For honest, dedicated advice from the same person from getting your property valued to the day of completion, call us today.

Why use us over Internet Companies?

In today’s world anyone can take photo’s, measurements and promote your home on the web.  The art though in our industry is in the negotiation of the price and the progressing of the deal.

A good local estate agent doesn’t exist because we take a good photo or make you a nice cup of tea when you visit our offices, it’s because we take pride in our job and work tirelessly to ensure you achieve a)the best possible price, b) from the best possible buyer (not necessarily the first and c) with the best possible timescales.  It is vital to check out each element of a sale before agreeing terms.  We know through vast experience that few agents will do so and especially those with no high street presence.

An out of area agent doesn’t know local market conditions, they aren’t aware of all planning regulations nor likely to use a local lawyer that know our patch inside out.  Knowing the local surveyors and solicitors personally is vital to the successful management of your case.  We can  identify potential issues before they arise and deal with them minimising any stress or expense.  The web may be full of information but an experienced local agent will know how to use this and in what context, saying the wrong thing and the wrong time will cost you greatly.

You need an agent who has a vested interest in you and your home, this will ensure they do absolutely everything at anytime to ensure a smooth transaction knowing that they personally will benefit from their efforts.  You are not personal to these internet agencies, it’s not their time and money that goes into the process and it is unlikely they’ll gain any incentive to get your deal through.  Some agencies will get you to pay upfront, so where’s the incentive to sell your home, there isn’t, they’ve got their money and onto the next client thank you.

Just by reading this will make you realise how passionate we are about you and helping you achieve your goal.  Speak to friends and family, ask them which agents they have used and would they use them again.  Recommendation is the by far the best advice.

Our advice however  is to call a few agents, see what they have to say and focus on finding one that’s going to work for you and has a personal interest.   You want to ensure the person who you meet when their valuing your home will also be with you for completion day too.  So often staff in both corporate and internet agencies change like the wind and you need continuity.  Choosing an agent who’ll guide you from start to finish will pay huge dividends both financially and stress wise.

Eastons just ask for the opportunity to prove what we can do and allow our experience, empathy and determination to benefit you. After all it’s fair to say the difference in fee maybe hundreds but the cost of bad negotiation and choice of agent will cost you thousands.